Nextgen Gallery 支援中文目錄以及檔案

Nextgen Gallery 支援中文目錄以及檔案

Nextgen Gallery 會將中文名稱自動變成目錄名稱,導致目錄路徑變成亂碼如%4%5%3%5%78%5465 等形式,造成目錄名稱與資料庫的名稱不符,會找不到圖片!


1. 支援中文目錄

修改 functions.php 內的 create_gallery

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千萬不要更新 nextgen gallery 2.x

千萬不要更新 nextgen gallery 2.x

Do not update nextgen gallery to 2.x !!!

最近一直在找好用的WP相簿外掛,發現最強的還是nextgen gallery,


BUG一大堆,而作者又開發了PRO的付費版,整個 2.X 版本後給他擺爛!



Recently been looking for an easy to use plugin of WP album, I found the name call ” NextGen gallery”,
However, since the update to 2.0 or more, screams everywhere, whether in education is not enough,
the word will disappear defined CSS styles,
SO many bug in this version, and the author developed after paying PRO version 2.x version of the overall conversion,
his would not debug for 2.x free version.

Therefore, we recommend that you install the most stable 1.9.13 version of the classic!