HD Tune Pro 5.5 繁體中文 Portable 免安裝 硬碟監控檢測工具

HD Tune Pro 5.5 繁體中文 Portable 免安裝 硬碟監控檢測工具

HD Tune是一款免費又小巧的硬碟檢測程式,它可以幫我們顯示出硬碟的相關詳細資訊,

↑是http 不是https喔


HD Tune is a free and compact hard disk detection program, which can help us show the detailed information about the hard disk,
But also to test the hard disk transfer rate (max / min / average), CPU utilization, but also monitor the temperature of the hard drive,
Avoid hard disk temperature is too high, which led to the hard life cut short situations.
In addition it provides a hard disk partition check feature that allows us to check whether the hard disk partition damaged.

Set point: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1iTfGR
Unzip password: https://34e.cc
↑ The real password is http not https