iPhone or iPad JB後想重置或恢復原廠設定怎麼辦?

iPhone or iPad JB後想重置或恢復原廠設定怎麼辦?


用iPhone or iPad 有JB的朋友都知道,不能隨便「重置」或「清除所有設定」


好在國外團隊出了一款JB後重製的神器!Semi-Restore 解決了JB後重置的問題。


1.進官網下載你的OS版本 http://semi-restore.com/

2. Windows的朋友 請先安裝 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 可轉散發套件




一.先安裝  Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 可轉散發套件

二.將iPhone or iPad 連接電腦。

三.執行「Semi-Restore 」程式,點選「SemiRestore」



五.完成重置後iPhone or iPad 會回到初始畫面,讓你選擇語言。這時就完成了重製作業!可以放心的去用手機了。


iPhone or the iPad JB want to reset or restore factory settings how to do?

JB with iPhone or iPad have friends all know , not just ” reset ” or ” clear all settings .”

Because of this he will GG it ! ! ! !

Fortunately, after a foreign team out of JB remake artifact ! Semi-Restore JB solve the reset problem.

Come and use .

1 into the official website to download your OS version http://semi-restore.com/

2. Windows friends please install Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 redistributable

64 yuan Download : http://www.microsoft.com/zh-tw/download/details.aspx?id=14632

32 yuan Download : http://www.microsoft.com/zh-tw/download/details.aspx?id=5555

Use these steps:

I. install Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 redistributable

Two would be iPhone or iPad connected to the computer .

Three . Perform ” Semi-Restore ” program , click ” SemiRestore ”

Four , which is very important ! In the implementation process, please do not move your phone !

All you have to unlock the password screen , do not go to the solution ! Execution is complete enough so that he stood , never, never to touch the phone .

V. After the completion of the reset iPhone or iPad will return to the initial screen , allowing you to select the language . Then to complete the re- production industry !
You can rest assured to use the phone.