ownCloud 一套個人用的私有雲

ownCloud 一套個人用的私有雲

ownCloud 是一套個人用的私有雲 可以當作 dropbox 或是 ubuntuone 這類的檔案同步服務
但是他的功能更強大 除了同步檔案 還有很多第三方的 plugin 可以用
像是行事曆 筆記 連絡簿 書簽 也可分享檔案 更有檔案版本管理

這次 ownCloud client 1.2.0 released 主要加強了幾項重要的功能
1. 同步的效率 使用新的 API 來監視檔案的改動
2. 有效的錯誤回報 現在可以更精準的回報錯誤
3. 更方便使用的設定 UI

另外 ownCloud 也有 iOS 及 Android 的 client 喔(0.99 美金)
比 dropbox 還好用的地方就是 能在手機上修改完檔案之後能即時上傳回 server
這個功能 dropbox 沒有 ubuntuone 也沒有 (sugarsync 好像有 但是忘了是即時還是定時上傳)

但是使用 ownCloud Android client 約兩周 手機的電量並沒有感覺到有用的比較快

ownCloud 目前沒有發現有免費的 server host
所以如果想試試的話 得要自己架台 server 並且有固定的 IP 或 DN

ownCloud 是一個基于 Linux 的開源雲項目,允許用戶以瀏覽器或 WebDAV方式訪問雲服務器,
進行各項管理工作。ownCloud 支持多種設備訪問,
由于這是一個服務器項目,必要的服務器搭建工作將會對普通用戶使用 ownCloud 造成一定困難。
如果你對 openSUSE熟悉,可以參考這個 客戶端工具,它將有助于你更快地搭建自己的 ownCloud 服務器。
目前,ownCloud 的用戶規模超過 350000。ownCloud 團隊認爲,
ownCloud 比同類服務 Dropbox 和 box.net 更加實用、高效,開源的優勢使得雲服務的部署具有很大的靈活性,
憑藉著服務的良好表現,ownCloud 團隊已經有了商業化發展的打算,
幷且得到了 General Catalyst 的資金支持。
此外,投資方 General Catalyst 還曾投資過在綫旅游服務公司 Kayak 和在綫視頻平臺 Brightcove。


ownCloud is a personal use of a private cloud can be used as dropbox or ubuntuone such file synchronization service
But his more powerful addition to synchronizing files , there are many third-party plugin can be used
Calendar notes like contact book bookmarks can also share files more file version management


The ownCloud client 1.2.0 released mainly to strengthen several important functions
A synchronous efficient use of the new API to monitor changes to files
Can be both synchronous speed and power on the handheld device consume
2 . Effective error reporting can now be more precise return error
3 Set more convenient to use UI

In addition ownCloud iOS and Android also has a client Oh ( 0.99 U.S. dollars )
After dropbox better than the place is able to finish with the modified files on the phone can immediately upload back to the server
This feature does not ubuntuone nor dropbox (sugarsync but seems to have forgotten is immediate or timed uploads )
The main consideration is more power to monitor file status

But using ownCloud Android client about two weeks and did not feel the phone’s battery faster useful

ownCloud currently not found free server host
So if you want to try , then have to mount their own server and have a fixed IP or DN

ownCloud is a Linux -based open source cloud project , allowing users to access the browser or WebDAV cloud servers,
Perform various administrative tasks. ownCloud support multiple device access ,
Users can easily make a personal device and stored on a file server , schedule important data , contacts, bookmarks, etc. to keep pace.
Since this is a server project , the necessary construction work will use ownCloud server cause some difficulties for ordinary users.
If you are familiar with openSUSE , you can refer to this client tool that will help you quickly build your own ownCloud server.
Currently, the more than 350,000 subscribers ownCloud . ownCloud team believes
ownCloud is more practical than similar services Dropbox and box.net, efficient , open-source advantage makes the deployment of cloud services with great flexibility ,
Other manufacturers are not subject to restrictions , and thus very suitable for commercial use.
With a good service performance , ownCloud team already has commercial development plans,
Bing and got financial support from General Catalyst .
In addition , investors General Catalyst has also invested in online travel service company Kayak and online video platform Brightcove.